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Matthew Cantu is looking for Boone Kwon located in Muju South Korea.

Matthew Cantu is looking for Boone Kwon located in Muju South Korea.
Matthew Cantu has been trying to find Boone Kwon since Saturday May 11, 2019.

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My Mothers name is Chom Im Kwon. I am looking for her family which I believe some may still live in the city of Muju. My grandmother from Korea's name is Boone Kwon and my grandfathers name is Hunhyung Kwon. Please forgive me if I did not spell first name correctly. The story I know is that my grandfather passed away very young but I understand he used to build houses. My grandmother was a stay at home mother and raised my mother which is the youngest. I believe my grandmother passed away around 1976 or 1979. My mother is getting old and not sure if she will ever be able to make the trip to korea again. I am asking if any member of her family in korea will reach out to me to help me see I can locate an old picture of my grandmother or grandfather or perhaps one of them together so I can make for her. My mom is very proud and has never asked me for anything and has done everything for me in life and I feel the least I can do is see if I can honor her by restoring a few memories for her to help heal her heart. Thank you.

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