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Connor Conkey-Morrison is looking for Flynn Conkey-Morrison located in Australia.

Connor Conkey-Morrison is looking for Flynn Conkey-Morrison located in Australia.
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Flynn, I hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and happy despite the overwhelming silence that has separated us for what feels like a lifetime. The pain and hurt I feel, and the fear and worry I've experienced over your well-being each and every day for a number of years, is something I cannot and will not ever be free from. It feels like a blackened, poisonous, caustic lesion is growing in my heart, continually weakening my body from the inside out. Reaching out like this is tough. I always want to respect your autonomy. But I've missed you and worried about you more than any words could ever express. Truly - I've never been able to find those words. Your disappearance has left me with grief that I cannot process. No explanation, no goodbye. As my closest living relative, your absence left a void that no one else can ever fill. I've spent countless hours replaying our last interactions, and written a thousand messages I could never find the courage to send. I've always loved you with every fibre of my soul, even when you were just a belly lump. How could our lifetime of love and friendship be discarded like it never meant anything to you at all? To be so unjustly, unfairly, and unkindly abandoned has irreversibly scarred my entire being. It is a dark shadow that follows me everywhere that I go; a sense of guilt, shame, anger, despair, sadness, rage, fear that I can never fully comprehend. Nobody ever said family has to be easy or that we need to agree and be happy all the time. But to ignore me for so many years is a disproportionate response to whatever has happened. I have always loved, cared for, and supported you, so for you to behave in such an immature, selfish, and ugly way has been extremely, extremely hurtful. I know that you must have very, very strong reasons for such an extreme decision, but I've never been told what these are. My best friend of 21 years - just gone, without a trace. We didn't even have an argument. You just vanished. I'm constantly in awe of this injustice you've burdened me with: when people ask me if I have brothers or sisters, I need excuse myself and quickly find a place to cry. What do I even say? He hates me? He's dead? It's complicated? He's missing? Lie and say I'm an only child? I don't know where you and I stand. I don't know what you think of me. I don't know what I've done to you. I was never afforded those opportunities. You cut me out of your life before I even knew you were done with me. One day, you just never spoke to me again. No warning, no communication of what was wrong or had happened, no chance given to me to fix whatever it is that I've done. How a family be abandoned without even one attempt to work through it is absolutely flabbergasting. How can you expect anyone to change or fix things if you can't actually tell them what the problem is? How could you abandon me without even so much as an attempt at just discussing what was wrong before deciding I was not worthy of your respect? I deserve so much more than that, and the injustice of this makes me furious and sick and confused. It is such an extreme response to a situation: one you've never even let me be privy to, and one which you've never taken any responsibility or accountability for. I've never been given an opportunity to share any feelings, nor know what I've done. That is such selfish, cruel behaviour. The last times you spoke to me, you were rude, demanding, offhand and condescending. I didn't deserve that, and I think you know, however deep down, that I don't deserve any of this. I think you also know that the way you've dealt with all of this has been very, very unkind and hasn't benefitted anyone. I imagine it is hard to take ownership of such an impactful, long-term decision that has had so many consequences, but I hope you also know that you can always change your mind, and that empathy and forgiveness can be learned. I'm in a lot of pain, and I think you must be too. Amidst my pain, there's a flicker of hope that we can be brother and sister again. I know that if you receive this message it will catch you off-guard, but I want you to know that my heart has always been and will always be open to you. I'm here, with open arms, ready to be your big sister and to protect you - always. I can forgive and forget all of the hurt and pain if you will just try with me. And hopefully you can forgive me, too. My hope that you will return will always be present: today, tomorrow, and until the day I die. I miss you so much. I hope we can find a way back to each other and be OK. With unconditional love and the heaviest heart, Connor.

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