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Search by family name through over 2 million surnames and over 300 million people, for FREE!

LocateFamily.com is a FREE service that allows you to locate family, relatives and friends from around the world. Why pay to find someone when LocateFamily.com lets you do it for FREE?

LocateFamily.com is a huge online directory of individuals from all countries, ethnic groups, religions and classes on the planet. Over 2 million family names and over 300 million individuals with thousands of new names and individuals added daily. Great for making a family tree, tracing ancestry, performing genealogy research or just searching for people.

Simply begin by clicking the letter representing the first letter of the family name you are searching for. Then browse the alphabetical list of names. Once you have located the desired family name, LocateFamily.com will provide you with a list of individuals with complete address information including telephone number and the ability to message the person.



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