Family names that begin with the letter W

There are a total of 20,657,691 people from 135 countries with surnames that start with the letter W. Click a link below that corresponds to the first three letters of the last name you are searching for.

People by Country

The list below shows the total number of people by country for all names (last names/surnames/family names) starting with the letter W, sorted by the number of people in descending order.

Flag of Barbados Barbados 7,844
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria 3,216
Flag of Philippines Philippines 1,599
Flag of Peru Peru 1,477
Flag of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 1,163
Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia 938
Flag of Portugal Portugal 762
Flag of Ghana Ghana 712
Flag of Chile Chile 684
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 638
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica 545
Flag of Uganda Uganda 541
Flag of Hungary Hungary 525
Flag of United States Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands 520
Flag of Namibia Namibia 501
Flag of Bahamas Bahamas 495
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan 481
Flag of Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands 479
Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 479
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 453
Flag of Macau Macau 433
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia 426
Flag of Malta Malta 390
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador 380
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 372
Flag of Iran Iran 339
Flag of Cameroon Cameroon 322
Flag of Aruba Aruba 322
Flag of Anguilla Anguilla 290
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay 264
Flag of Bermuda Bermuda 254
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala 215
Flag of Albania Albania 192
Flag of Oman Oman 183
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 171
Flag of Seychelles Seychelles 161
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 154
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 150
Flag of Algeria Algeria 150
Flag of Senegal Senegal 147
Flag of Montserrat Montserrat 145
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 145
Flag of Benin Benin 137
Flag of Honduras Honduras 135
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia 135
Flag of United States Minor Outlying Islands United States Minor Outlying Islands 130
Flag of Estonia Estonia 125
Flag of Nepal Nepal 123
Flag of Mauritius Mauritius 122
Flag of Croatia Croatia 110
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 109
Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar 106
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City 102
Flag of Iceland Iceland 101
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan 99
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 98
Flag of Zambia Zambia 97
Flag of Armenia Armenia 94
Flag of Congo Congo 89
Flag of Guyana Guyana 86
Flag of Fiji Islands Fiji Islands 84
Flag of Moldova Moldova 83
Flag of Haiti Haiti 83
Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 74
Flag of American Samoa American Samoa 73
Flag of Guadeloupe Guadeloupe 68
Flag of Monaco Monaco 66
Flag of Botswana Botswana 65
Flag of Latvia Latvia 64
Flag of Rwanda Rwanda 63
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu 62
Flag of Somalia Somalia 57
Flag of Reunion Reunion 52
Flag of Liberia Liberia 50
Flag of Angola Angola 50
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 49
Flag of Central African Republic Central African Republic 49
Flag of Chad Chad 46
Flag of Burundi Burundi 44
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 42
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia 40
Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 39
Flag of Sudan Sudan 39
Flag of Mozambique Mozambique 38
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 38
Flag of French Polynesia French Polynesia 33
Flag of Cook Islands Cook Islands 31
Flag of Greenland Greenland 29
Flag of Belarus Belarus 29
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia 27
Flag of San Marino San Marino 24
Flag of Syria Syria 23
Flag of Guinea Guinea 23
Flag of Malawi Malawi 22
Flag of Madagascar Madagascar 22
Flag of Libya Libya 22
Flag of Laos Laos 22
Flag of Swaziland Swaziland 21
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 20
Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands 18
Flag of Gambia Gambia 18
Flag of Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands 16
Flag of Martinique Martinique 15
Flag of Samoa Samoa 14
Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 14
Flag of North Korea North Korea 14
Flag of Western Sahara Western Sahara 13
Flag of Antarctica Antarctica 13
Flag of Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna 12
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 11
Flag of Micronesia Micronesia 10
Flag of Djibouti Djibouti 10
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe 9
Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde 9
Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands 8
Flag of Mali Mali 7
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 7
Flag of Eritrea Eritrea 6
Flag of Palau Palau 5
Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu 5
Flag of Tonga Tonga 4
Flag of Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn Islands 4
Flag of Niue Niue 4
Flag of Lesotho Lesotho 4
Flag of Jersey Jersey 4
Flag of Falkland Islands Falkland Islands 4
Flag of Kiribati Kiribati 3
Flag of French Guiana French Guiana 3
Flag of Cuba Cuba 2
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan 2
Flag of Isle of Man Isle of Man 2
Flag of Heard Island and McDonald Islands Heard Island and McDonald Islands 2
Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 2
Flag of   1
Flag of Brunei Brunei 1